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Thousand Oaks Reads:
One City, One Book

The 2014 Thousand Oaks Reads, One City One Book program is currently in the planning stages. Please check this page again for coming information.

Thousand Oaks Reads – One City, One Book is a citywide literary event encouraging community members to read and discuss the same book. A four-week celebration of the selected book includes discussion groups and special events inspired by the themes in the book. The goals are to celebrate reading and literature; engage a wide spectrum of the community in thoughtful exchange of ideas and perspectives; provide a multi-faceted array of programs related to literature and the arts; foster a sense of community. A driving notion of the program is: When we open a book together, we close it in greater harmony.

One City, One Book is sponsored by the Thousand Oaks Library and Friends of the Thousand Oaks Library and receives generous support from local businesses and organizations.

The One City One Book Committee and Book Selection

The One City, One Book Committee is comprised of Thousand Oaks Library staff and supporters. The committee searches for a book that meets the following criteria:

Previous years

To find all the One City, One Book titles, including this year's selection, please search the library's catalog by keyword, either "OCOB" or "One City, One Book", or by subject: "OCOB."

eBook versions are also available on OverDrive and most have downloadable audio available on OverDrive.

Watch the One City One Book author events from previous years:

  • OCOB Miscellaneous 004
  • OCOB Miscellaneous 005
  • OCOB Miscellaneous 006
  • OCOB Miscellaneous 007
  • OCOB Miscellaneous 009
  • OCOB Miscellaneous 010
  • OCOB Miscellaneous 014
  • quilt show
  • Quilts1
  • rC4
  • soup1
  • soup2
  • soup3
  • soup6_staffgroup_w600
  • soup20_Jenserv_w600
  • Susie_Glaze
  • Suzie Glaze & Hilonesome Band
  • Underwater suba Shive_w400
  • urchins Shive_w400
  • Val
  • 4staff
  • 14
  • 33
  • 37
  • 2579
  • 6149
  • 6192
  • 6201
  • 6207
  • 6215
  • Adam1h100
  • Arts Festival1
  • Arts Festival2
  • ba1
  • ba3
  • ba9
  • book_discussion1_w600
  • Boyle, credit Jamieson Fry
  • C2
  • C5
  • ChadHarbach_BeowulfSheehan
  • CLU1
  • CLU1_r
  • CLU6
  • drum5w580
  • drum7w580
  • drum12_w580
  • drum15w580
  • drum16w580
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  • jamiedoors
  • jamiestaircase
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